AGEING advantage

Product advantage
 new technology-1

Use of gas liquid front and talkative nozzle multistage atomization treatment method of distilled liquors.No addition of any substance produced during the non-fermentation process.

Product advantage
Safe and reliable-2

The process of mass transfer of gas, liquid and solid was realized in theageing equipment with ceramic materials,which effectively promoted the transformation of the trace components 

Product advantage
Reduce loss-3​

Controlling the condensation effect, the aging effect was further guaranteed and the distilled liquors loss (1%) was reduced.

Product advantage
The sustainable development-4​

The ceramic materials with the same material as the natural ageing spromoted the formation of distilled liquors ageing products.

The newly distilled wines is very hot and harsh which should be stored for months or even years to make it taste better. This process is referred to as aging.

Traditional aging process

AZ new aging technology causes wine damage

The new production of distilled liquors by this device instant processing, its color, aroma, taste equivalent to natural ageing for one year or longer.  

Traditional aging causes damage

This is bound to increase investment for storage equipmentin and  large capital backlogs , and at least 3 percent of annual liquor loss, causing huge economic losses to enterprises.

Cooperation case


XAZ green aging technology: from the liquor industry urgently needed.
To continuously innovate, meet customers' needs and drive the technological progress of the wine industry.

XAZ technology has realized mechanized production in many aspects, in order to improve the quality of wine, reduce the loss of wine, but also reduce the labor intensity of workers, retain the most original taste of wine materials, brewing a good wine.

About us

Shanxi aizhen technology co., ltd. was founded in 2017, the company is located in taiyuan high-tech development zone, Shanxi Province, specializing in the research and development, production and sales of liquor aging technology equipment, the main product is multi-stage atomization super-gravity rotating liquor aging equipment.

At present, the company has a high-quality marketing management and sales team, and a research and development team of related technologies, which have won two national patents. The marketing management personnel of the company have been trained in education, which is a professional management system. They have rich management experience and good market awareness. Sales staff have marketing professional knowledge and relevant knowledge of liquor industry.


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